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Common Questions

Can I submit a project for funding?

While PalmVine tends to guide projects which already have their funding by artists looking to gain more experience who need step by step help through the process, the company is open to working with those who also need to acquire funding.

Can I submit my art for selling?

Yes, you may submit your art for selling here on PalmVine

Do you currently represent artists?

While we are not a talent agency we are eventually looking to bring artists together in a sort of independent artist collaborative team which could be seen as a sponsorship by our company.

If I have any issues with buying or submitting art who do I contact?

palmvine@yahoo.com (if you would like to speak over the phone please send an email with the subject line Phone Call to this address)

How much of the proceeds do I receive if you select my art?

We ensure that you will receive 90% of the proceeds and only 10% of the proceeds go to us due to the labor in marketing and getting the art sold for the proper rate. For films the distribution and selling rates are temporarily negotiable.