PalmVine is a company that deals with all forms of media production, marketing and distribution : from publishing and art vending to filmmaking. 

A company recently founded by Dasha and David Leidy, PalmVine fosters ground-breaking visions into fruition by guiding them from preproduction to marketing all the way into distribution across various forms of media.

This allows visionaries the opportunity to create the content they want to make in a way that allows their unique voice to be heard. 

Our mission is to bring original media and new ideas into the world while providing those seeking to make or view such media with the opportunity to create and view it. PalmVine is the voice of the modern age. 

David Leidy
David Leidy Directing Photo.jpg

David is an award winning visual storyteller and DeltaKappa Alpha member with a desire to bring original media with bold visions, ideas and stories that convey higher meaning into the world. Click his photo for more info.


Dasha Leidy

Dasha is an award winning actress and producer. Click her photo for more info.


Vice President
Mark Leidy
Strategic Advisor

Mark is an entrepreneur who has founded startups with funding from Fortune 500 companies and top investing firms on Silicon Valley such as Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.