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trance metamorphic

poetry/short story


A poetry book featuring a 20-page surreal science fiction short story at the end. The poems of Trance Metamorphic dive into ancient mysteries and mythological lore, the connections between erotic, spiritual and platonic love and occult and mystical wisdoms and experiences.

With everything being bent in a satirical, metaphorical, metaphysical or metafictional bend, there is much more going in many of these experimental poems than initially meets the eye.

Ultimately the wildly unique characters, language, ideas and stories, ebbing and flowing from concrete scenarios to ethereal experiences and concepts, collide into a sort of ego death and spiritual awakening.

Topics and genres cover anywhere from a screenplay masquerading as poem about a screenwriter feuding with his character all the way to a science fiction story about a woman who claims to have spotted her boyfriend's replica.

Inspired by poets such as Federico Lorca, Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg and James Tate, the book pushes the boundaries on what a poem can be.

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